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Consultancy and nineteenfeet

Whether you are about to start a particularly large project, are migrating to a new version of PHP, or are embarking on a thorough code review, I can work with your team to help things go smoothly.

Modernising legacy codebases

All successful applications become legacy; this is a hallmark of success! However, as your application ages, it becomes harder to add new features without introducing more bugs. Time spent maintaining the application becomes greater as each month passes and there comes a point when your team is reluctant to change some parts of the codebase for fear of breaking things.

I can work with your team to produce a strategy to modernise your legacy application and so make it more stable, easier to maintain and add new features to it in order that you can stay competitive.

Technical leadership and direction

Unsure which framework or ORM to use? Not sure how to design your new API? I have extensive experience leading teams and providing technical direction and can help you to build the right product with workshops and advice to develop technical solutions and designs that are specific to your situation.

I can also provide advanced research, planning and prototyping in order to ensure that you have a great foundation for your next project.

Application development support

I can adopt a mentoring approach with your team to ensure that together we can deliver efficient, maintainable web applications and APIs. I can help you to design and build your application and will work with you to set up the processes required to ensure that your team produces their best work.

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