Talk about nineteenfeet19

Rob has been the mainstay of internal software development for Ifonic plc for the past three years. Over that time, requirements have changed continually and Rob has been able to understand the challenges faced by individual departments and to provide solutions. Whether in PHP and Zend or another framework or language, I cannot recommend Rob too highly.
Rob has provided a number of web solutions for our client base. With all of them he has consistently shown a strong ability to come to grips with the user and business requirements while producing web applications that not only meet the desired goals, but which also give an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
I found the training really useful as it gave us an inside view of the framework from someone who actually worked with it. Rob has a way to convey the patterns and philosophy of working with Zend Framework that is really useful in the long term, when these things really becomes the developers' struggle. I left the training with a good understanding of the modular and event driven aspects of the framework, which were fully explored in the training, so both beginners and those already familiar with these patterns could benefit from it.
I'm pretty sure we co-authors must have stretched Rob's patience a few times while working on this book, but if that was the case he never showed it and was always thorough and good-natured. A real benevolent dictator and a pleasure to work with.